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(A) INFRA.wetter

Infra.Weather - The dedicated weather information and warning system of ÖBB


Duration: system was implemented in 2008

A dedicated weather information and weather warning system has been developed and implemented at ÖBB. Preparative work included the installation of additional weather stations for better spatial coverage, the development of regional  meteorological model, GIS-based overlay of railway tracks and meteorological data as well as GIS-based delineation of flood risk.

The implemented system is taylored to the needs and conditions of railway infrastructure and operation with the following features:

·         Information system including online portal

  • Storm forecast
  • Flood forecast and warnings
  • Snowfall forecast
  • Operational weather warning service with well defined warning levels

Information system including online portal

The InfraWeather online portal gives access to general weather information, forecasts as well as weather warnings. A map shown on the user interface gives an overview over the Austrian railroad system with the most important weather information including a 3h interval of forecasts.

Storm forecast

With the new forecast models and radar techniques weather extremes can be forecasted on a scale of 10 km, partly even lower.

Flood forecast and warnings

The forecast of floods integrates the water level of the rivers and the meteorological data so that the warnings can be sent 12 hours in advance.

Snowfall forecast

The snowfall forecast includes the amount of snowfall in the next 24 to 72 hours for each warning point.

Weather warning system

InfraWeather has a dedicated operational warning service, which provides also real-time severe weather warnings. Extreme weather events covered by the warning system are thunderstorms, flood events and heavy snowfall. The forecast of disastrous thunderstorms is provided by using ‘nowcasting’ techniques, where the  track of thunderstorms can be forecasted 20 - 60 minutes in advance.

When predefined warning levels are reached, alert message are automatically generated by the system and sent via sms, email, fax and telephone to all responsible people inside the company.

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